Photo Credit: Frontiers

Photo Credit: Frontiers

“I think just, I’m ready to move on and do something different. And this is a great launching point to do that from, and I’m really looking forward to it,” former Queensryche lead vocalist Geoff Tate previously explained to Billboard following the conclusion of the controversial court case surrounding the Queensryche name.

It’s with Tate’s new band Operation: Mindcrime that he’s looking to break away from the ties of his former group while continuing to explore progressive metal and grunge territory.

Accompanying the frontman in his new venture is the majority of the lineup from his own short-lived version of Queensryche, including guitarist Kelly Gray, former AC/DC drummer Simon Wright and keyboardist Randy Gane.

The album will also feature a second drummer, former Whitesnake percussionist Brian Tichy, as well as a guest appearance from Megadeth‘s David Ellefson.

Operation: Mindcrime are currently set to release their debut studio album ‘The Key’ on September 18 through Frontiers Records, which shows Tate trying his hand at a trilogy of concept albums.

“I love writing stories, and I love creating musical stories, and I wanted to do something that was very in-depth. As it looks, it’s gonna take about three records to cover this story,” Tate explains.

“It’s an international story set in many places around the world. And it’s a bit of a mystery that I think will be interesting to follow along to see if they can solve … I know I always like mysteries; I like to see if I can figure out what’s happening and where things are going.”

In preparation for the album’s release, a six minute trailer has been released that includes brief clips of the songs “Burn,” “Re-Inventing the Future,” “Life or Death” and “The Fall.”

While the material seems to indicate a step in the right direction stylistically, it is rather perplexing that Geoff Tate says he wants to move past his career with Queensryche, only to then name his band after Queensryche’s 1988 concept album.

The first complete song from the debut Operation: Mindcrime album is scheduled for release later next week.

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