Photo Credit: Ralph Arvesen

Photo Credit: Ralph Arvesen

“If someone asked me to sum up who and what Five Finger Death Punch is, I would tell them everything they need to know is on this new record,” says frontman Ivan Moody.

That is the objective which the members of the heavy metal group aspired to achieve with their sixth full-length studio album, ‘Got Your Six,’ which is due for release on August 28 through Prospect Park in North America and Eleven Seven Music in the rest of the world.

The upcoming effort features eleven songs on the album’s standard edition, with three bonus tracks being included on the deluxe edition of ‘Got Your Six.’ Included in both pressing is the band’s new single “Jekyll and Hyde,” which Moody says is representative of everyone.

“As for the first single, everybody is Jekyll and Hyde,” he offers. “There are multiple personalities to every human being, and no matter how civilized and sophisticated you think you are, if you dare to look at yourself very, very closely, you’ll see, somewhere deep down, there is a demon inside. Your circumstances may not have provoked it yet but trust me, it’s there.”

Five Finger Death Punch guitarist Zoltan Bathory adds: “The verses are actual unaltered voicemails from Ivan. We have an ever-growing collection of these 4:00 a.m. messages Ivan usually bombards us with, and Jason [Hook, guitar] had this idea to copy them to a hard drive, then literally wrote the song around them… What you hear is the actual voicemail.”

Few bands would know about having a Jekyll and a Hyde personality than the members of Five Finger Death Punch, who recently had a controversial fight onstage which led to an abrupt end to a festival performance last May and a wave of breakup reports – claims which the band quickly dismissed.

Five Finger Death Punch are currently preparing to head out on the road in support of the forthcoming album alongside Papa Roach this September for more than month’s worth of dates across North America.

Five Finger Death Punch, ‘Got Your Six’ Track Listing:

01. Got Your Six
02. Jekyll and Hyde
03. Wash It All Away
04. Ain’t My Last Dance
05. My Nemesis
06. No Sudden Movement
07. Question Everything
08. Hell to Pay
09. Digging My Own Grave
10. Meet My Maker
11. Boots and Blood
12. You’re Not My Kind*
13. This Is My War*
14. I Apologize*

* deluxe edition bonus tracks