doogie white la paz

Doogie White is by far one of the most active vocalists within the metal music world. Within his nearly thirty year career he has fronted a long line of prestigious groups, including Rainbow, Yngwie Malmsteen’s Rising Force, and Midnight Blue.

Just last year he finished working on a new album with British metal trailblazers Tank, and is currently working on a new album with Michael Schenker set for release in November of this year.

So what does he do in his free time? He partners up with La Paz and creates a new album comprised of smoldering anthems that span the entire rock spectrum. This new album, titled ‘The Dark and the Light‘, shows White slowing down a bit, taking a step back from the heart racing metal style that has heavily comprised his more recent outings and boldly embracing new musical territory with his signature operatic vocal style.

Throughout such new compositions as “Little Black Book of Songs,” the band takes on a style most comparable to that of Deep Purple, featuring commanding synthesizer playing and even a “Highway Star” style vocal intro from White. “Don’t Drink with the Devil” and “Lonely Are The Brave” allow Doogie to take charge, and let loose some classic-sounding operatic choruses that established fans are all too accustomed to, while being backed by an array of acoustic guitar, piano and brass playing. We then head into melodic rock territory with the Journey-esque “The Good Old Days,” which may even bear some resemblance to those early Meatloaf power ballads.

The thing about Doogie White is his dynamic vocal range, which allows him to boldly tackle a broad variety of musical genres. With just enough snarl, he can produce a commendable Ronnie James Dio impression. Similarly, when he slows down the tempo and drops down a few octaves, Doogie can easily sit amongst the bass beats to a blues club rocker. This is what drives ‘The Dark and the Light’ well above any preset expectations; when the rest of the group decides to experiment with alternative styles, White’s range and vocal delivery can surprisingly accommodate.

Even more surprising is that despite working with such an impressive array of bands and creating dozens of studio albums throughout his career, Doogie can still deliver an album that sounds fresh, and leaves you only wanting to hear more. And this is exactly what he not only manages to do with ‘The Dark and the Light’, but pulls off brilliantly while embracing a broad range of musical styles.

For any follower of Doogie White’s earlier efforts, this is an album that comes highly recommended. Whether you’re a fan of captivating power ballads, heavy metal riff racers, or classic rock anthems, it has something for everyone, and only gets stronger with each listen.

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