Rat Pak Records

Cinderella guitarist Jeff LaBar has released the debut music video of his solo career, “No Strings.”

How the members of Cinderella are able to take a prolonged break from recording new material, then abruptly break through the silence with what will soon become a pair of solo albums is nothing short of remarkable. Lead vocalist Tom Keifer led the rest of the pack with his anticipated debut ‘The Way Life Goes‘ earlier last year, and now guitarist Jeff LaBar is strongly following suit on his upcoming effort, ‘One for the Road,’ due for release on Rat Pak Records later this August.

What Jeff LaBar showcases on his new music video for “No Strings” remains in comfortable territory, with the outcome sounding like a chaotic compilation of Cinderella’s “Somebody Save Me” and Dokken’s “It’s Not Love,” complete with a familiar set of string bends during the introduction which pays homage to the former. The guitarist himself recognizes that the song could easily fit on a new Cinderella record, just throw Keifer’s scratchy falsetto into the mix and you have a runaway rock anthem.

Dedicated listeners are at least subconsciously familiar with LaBar’s talent as a vocalist, as he has offered the backbone to many of Cinderella’s instantly recognizable choruses. Rather than appoint a singer who takes a similar approach as Tom Keifer, Jeff LaBar confidently steps to the front of the mix as a lead vocalist, and the outcome remains familiar sounding yet ultimately steps aside as something unique; arguably, just as a solo album should.

Similarly to Tom Keifer’s debut album, ‘One for the Road’ promises to be a diverse offering from the guitar virtuoso, with the new material featuring a variety of musical frontiers ranging from familiar hard rock territory to blues-accented rock, from Fleetwood Mac-style rock to a fusion which LaBar describes as “waltz/shuffle,” and even a brief stop in heavy metal domain.

“No Strings” is slated to appear on Jeff LaBar’s upcoming solo album, ‘One for the Road,’ which is due for release on August 26 via Rat Pak Records.