While Black Sabbath fans are patiently awaiting the arrival of their forthcoming live DVD, they can now enjoy the third official music video to stem from the band’s critically acclaimed comeback album ’13’. The new video isn’t exactly what some would anticipate from a traditional Black Sabbath music video: there isn’t a solid or even noticeable story line which ties the theme of “Loner” to the actual video, however it is still enjoyable nonetheless.

The video is heavily comprised of onstage footage of the members of Black Sabbath performing, with several scenes from backstage meet-and-greets, hotel room rehearsals, headbanging crowd members… and Ozzy exercising in his dressing room?

As we mentioned above, this is the third music video to stem from ’13’, the other two being “End of the Beginning” and “God Is Dead?”. Out of the three, “Loner” is a more upbeat riff rocker featuring a striking Tony Iommi guitar riff, an unconquerable rhythm section courteously provided by drummer Brad Wilk and bassist Geezer Butler, and of course the instantly recognizable vocal performance of Ozzy Osbourne.