Mash up masters Beatallica are boldly marking their return to the music world with their new studio album, ‘Abbey Load.’ In case you couldn’t infer from the band’s name, Beatallica have done something truly original.

They have taken the ball crunching sound of Metallica, and masterfully applied it to some classic and iconic songs by The Beatles. Somehow they manage to not just pull it off but also create downright fantastic sounding music, that sounds just as good, if not better, than something Metallica might come up with themselves.

Just as they are notorious for their captivating covers, Beatallica are also renowned for comically warping titles of Metallica and Beatles songs together, to form such modern day metal classics as “And Justice For All My Loving” and “The Thing That Should Not Let It Be”.

When it comes to their new album, it’s no different. ‘Abbey Load’ features 15 jamming mash-ups, the majority of which come off of the similarly titled Beatles album ‘Abbey Road.’ The album kicks off with a roused rendition of “Come Together,” which boasts contagious riff work and some snarling lead vocals from lead vocalist Jaymz Lennfield.

As the disc transitions from track to track, with each song soaked in crunching distortion, it’s Jaymz’s singing style that holds the album together, when the instrumentation occasionally falls a bit short. Probably because he sounds so dead-on similar to James Hetfield, this helps provide each song with a dominating Metallica-esque vibe and feel.

The entire album is incredibly solid sounding, with not a bad song in the bunch. Whether it’s the dark sounding, group vocal harmonies and elaborate solos of “I Saw Her Standing There;” the electrifying “Michele,” which uses a re-purposed riff from “To Whom The Bell Tolls;” or the standout guitar playing showcased in “Please Please Me,” Abbey Load proves to be a consistently thrilling metal album which continues to place Beatallica a broad step above other Metallica cover bands out on the scene.

It comes warmly recommended to any fan of the original renditions, as well as any metal head who’s looking for a creative take on some highly hailed classics.