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Gotthard, ‘Bang!’ – Album Review

October 16, 2014
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In what’s so far, easily the most expansive, divergent addition to the Gotthard catalog, ‘Bang!’ is the sound of a band not quite content with its laurels as one of Europe’s premiere arena-rock specialties. Now 22 years into a million-plus selling career, Gotthard appears to be firing a few choice warning shots signaling they’re still melodically dangerous.

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Kix, ‘Rock Your Face Off’ – Album Review

September 10, 2014
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Kix may not have the same name recognition value as some of their 80’s peers, but that hasn’t stopped ‘Rock Your Face Off’ from being a highly anticipated release. Now that it’s finally here though, the result is somewhat of a mixed bag. There’s certainly some solid rock and roll to be had on this comeback, but it loses momentum by its second side.

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