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When Ace Frehley made his return in 2009 with ‘Anomaly,’ his first full-length record since 1989’s ‘Trouble Walkin,’ he did so to a strong positive reception from dedicated hard rock fans and members of the KISS army. Now that career milestone has been expanded and is now due for release on September 8 via eOne Music.

‘Anomaly Deluxe’ will include enhanced album art, a new live poster, extensive liner notes from rock writer Ron Albanese with track-by-track commentary by Frehley, and three bonus tracks. Among those are two previously unreleased demos for “Hard For Me” and “Pain In The Neck,” as well as the previously digital-only ‘Anomaly’ bonus “The Return Of Space Bear.”

“There was a lot of pressure on me, because I hadn’t done an album in twenty years,” reflects Frehley on the release of ‘Anomaly.’ “I wasn’t sure it wasn’t going to be well-received. Luckily, it was!” ‘Anomaly’ sold around 17,000 copies in the United States in its first week of release to debut at position No. 27 on The Billboard 200 chart; an impressive feat considering it was also first released on Ace’s independent label Bronx Born Records.

Frehley is confirmed to release two new studio albums after the release of ‘Anomaly Deluxe,’ continuing the guitarist’s run of recent activity; 2014’s ‘Space Invader’ served as Ace’s first Top 10 album, whereas 2016’s ‘Origins, Vol. 1’ contained a more than memorable collection of covers in addition to a reunion with Paul Stanley on a cover of Free’s “Fire and Water.”

Corresponding with the album announcement, Frehley and his band are also set to return to Australia and New Zealand this September for a series of dates with Alice Cooper. “I have not been to Australia in a while,” he begins, “Alice and I have been friends since the ’70s, and playing with him is going to be bigger and better.”

While Frehley’s in Australia? The guitarist added that he will pull out a fan favorite from his first tour Down Under with KISS in 1980. “I gotta do ‘Talk To Me’ — for Australia, I’ll do it!”

Ace Frehley, ‘Anomaly Deluxe’ Track Listing:

01. Foxy & Free
02. Outer Space
03. Pain In The Neck
04. Fox On The Run
05. Genghis Khan
06. Too Many Faces
07. Change The World
08. Space Bear (Extended)
09. A Little Below The Angels
10. Sister
11. It’s A Great Life
12. Fractured Quantum
13. Hard For Me (bonus track)
14. Pain In The Neck (Slower Version) (bonus track)
15. Return Of The Space Bear (bonus track)



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